9 Şub 2012

Lasik Eye Surgery Pros and Cons

Advancements in medical science have improved the health and longevity of citizens across the globe. What once caused people permanent disability or serious illness can now be corrected with medication or operations. The eyes are no exception.

Today, individuals with greatly impaired vision have experienced the benefits of laser surgery; and, in some cases, put away their glasses. However, as with any invasive procedure, patients considering options for better vision should understand Lasik eye surgery pros and cons.

The Pros of Lasik Eye Surgery

For many patients, the benefits of Lasik eye surgery far outweigh the risks. After years of wearing coke-bottle glasses, fumbling for their eyewear every morning, being blind in the shower, and even needing both contacts and glasses or bifocals, the potential outcome looks too good to pass up.

The idea of being able to put their glasses away in a drawer seems too good to be true. Even if they will still have to wear corrective lenses to read or do close work like needlepoint, their vision would be so much better.

Although there is no guarantee, Lasik has also been used as a temporary treatment for macular degeneration. While there has been no cure for this progressive and incurable disease, some ophthalmologists are hoping it will at least slow down the progression of this blinding illness. When patients know that blindness is virtually around the corner, the idea of salvaging their sight for any extra length of time is definitely worth any risks associated with Lasik.

The Cons of Lasik Surgery

Anybody who has dealt with severe impairments to their vision, or even struggled with the hassle of wearing corrective lenses, the potential benefits are so alluring that they are blinded to the cons of Lasik surgery. They don’t even want to think about what might go wrong. Hopefully, their eye health care providers will make sure they know the realistic view of such an invasive procedure to correct refractory errors in their vision.

The biggest potential drawback of Lasik surgery is a negative outcome. Although it doesn’t happen very often, there have been cases where the patient’s vision has been greatly impaired after the surgery. Instead of seeing better, they end up no longer able to drive or work, because they cannot see well enough.

Unfortunately, after electing to have laser eye surgery, there is no going back. Any improvement or damage to the eye is irreversible. So, even though the percentages are low, it’s necessary for patients to know the worst case scenario, as well as the best.

Despite the fact that Lasik eye surgery has become more popular, it is still an expensive medical procedure. In addition, because it is generally an elective operation, medical insurance may not cover the expense. So, anyone considering Lasik should contact their carrier and know what out-of-pocket expenses they will incur.

For most patients, they will know whether Lasik has achieved the expected outcome within 24 hours. Many will get rid of their glasses and be totally sold on the virtues of Lasik. In their excitement over the ability to see better, they will tell all of their friends and family just how awesome Lasik is, and how they would do it again in a heartbeat, regardless of the expense.

But, there will be those few that would do anything, if they could just go back to the way their vision was before the operation. They are experiencing new vision challenges that make it impossible to drive, work, or function as normal in daily living. These potential impairments include:
  • Blurry vision – Everything is now out of focus. Even with corrective lenses, the problem is still present and driving is no longer possible.
  • Double vision- is like when you are really dizzy. You may know there is only one object in front of you; but, your eyes see two. They may appear fuzzy or almost in motion, as your eyes try, and fail, to focus properly.
  • No contrast vision – is when everything looks almost the same shade and color – like when a camera receives to much light and the film is overexposed. Unfortunately, this condition also makes it impossible to drive, because lack of clarity is a safety hazard.
  • Severe Astigmatism – is when vision is distorted. After laser surgery, this may become a severe problem that corrective lenses can no longer help.
  • Halo vision – is when the light hits objects or people, and everything appears to have a halo around it.
  • Starburst vision – happens at night. Instead of seeing headlights on cars, people see lights almost like big bursts of stars. The impairment can make it impossible to drive, especially at night.
While many of these visual symptoms will subside after a period of time for many laser patients, some will continue to experience problems indefinitely. So, while it is absolutely marvelous to put those glasses away for good, it’s also important to think about all Lasik eye surgery pros and cons, befo

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